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If you'd like to send me something physical and corporeal, my mailing address is P.O. Box 8184, Salem, OR, 97303

If you have specific inquiries, one of the following email addresses might be a good bet*; please know that while I am on deadline for the book I only check it every few days. Also, while I cannot always respond in a timely manner, I cannot even tell you how much letters mean to me. I read them and re-read them and feel happy and then put them in a folder called BEST EMAILS EVER (: that I look at when I'm sad.

  • - For things that aren't about any of the below. Or pictures of baby animals.
  • — I usually either write funny advice pieces or really longform stories about the decay of rural America through the lens of subcultures and the ever-shrinking elite. Two hats!
  • — I've spoken at NASA! I just like to tell people that. And many, many colleges, high schools, Young Professional-type organizations, etc.
  • — For advertising, marketing and partnership opportunities.
  • — Questions, concerns and grievances about the first book
  • — Questions, concerns and grievances about the second book. 

* I can acknowledge that this many aliases is sort of insane. I get a lot — so very much! —email, which is really wonderful and I'm glad people have things to say to me. However, I am also a very disorganized space cadet, and to actually reply and then not drop the ball I need labels and various inboxes and this just makes things much easier for everyone.

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